The Lausanne Movement strongly supports ‘tentmaking’. At the 4th Lausanne Congress on World Evangelisation, one key theme is Workplace & Global Mission. Bishop Hwa Yung from Malaysia will present the Bible studies at the Congress, on each of the themes. He is interviewed about these upcoming studies on the Book of Acts and the Church today. This helpful interview is on YouTube Acts & Today’s Church – or find it on

In this excellent interview he starts with the Holy Spirit and mission, then role of missional communities, persecution. His 4th theme on the Workplace starts at 21 min 05 sec. He sees ‘tentmaking’, modelled by Aquila and Priscilla and Paul in the New Testament, as an essential component in today’s endeavours to reach all peoples with the Good News of Jesus. Simply using our home for hospitality can be the bridge for a growing relationship, and, in time, opportunities to share about Jesus.

Our next blog will highlight features from Lausanne Movement and this 4th Congress of particular help to all of us wishing to use our professional skills in sharing the gospel. Can’t wait? Start now at, scroll down to the “Prepare to Engage” sub-heading. Theme 5 Workplace and Mission has tiles/links to several resources. May the Lord guide your reading, thinking and praying.