Aztem is a network of Australians who have a desire to reach people for the gospel. It combines the experience of those who have been overseas in the past, the hope and commitment of those who are seeking the Lord’s direction for their life, and the passion of those who work at the home-front to support those in the field.

On the field, Aztem members have generally had paid employment and been self-supporting. Their work includes doctor, nurse, teacher, engineer, IT support staff, software developer, saw-mill manager, manufacturing business entrepreneur, university administrator, ESL teacher, nurse educator, vet, agricultural project leader, aid and community development worker, and research scientist. In some cases they have had additional support from their home church or have started a business with investment capital.

Aztem members have served across the globe, from Japan and China, through Bangladesh, India, various African and Middle-East countries, Zimbabwe, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Sarawak, and also cross-culturally in Australian’s NT and WA.

The home church has an essential role in preparation, prayer, pastoral and practical support for those serving on the field. Accountability is a key ingredient of Aztem’s approach – encompassing the home church here, and believers, church or agencies on location.

Aztem is part of a global tentmaking movement which carries on the tradition and practices of the earliest missionaries, and complements the work of many other missionary societies today. We do not fund and send workders. We do however help train and equip, and provide prayer and pastoral care for people to be effective witness and disciple-makers – similar to conventional mission organisations.

Tentmaking should not be seen as only short-term. Much value comes from long-term involvement in tentmaking as it does in traditional mission. Many Aztem members serve for 6 to 10 years or more.