Global Intent USA based, great resources for preparation; they run training courses.

Why did Paul make tents? By Ruth Siemens – a classic reasoning for tentmaking.

Theology of Work Project ‐ extensive, work and God’s plan,

Tentmaking Today  monthly ejournal for the worldwide tentmaking movement.

Tentmakers International – a global movement with 2/3rds world well represented

Working your Way to the Nations, Ed. J Lewis, (Intervarsity Press 2/e 1996) training manual, PDF

Lausanne Movement Tentmaking; all Lausanne Issues Networks (includes Business as Mission)


Glenn Deckert, Working Abroad with Purpose – the way of a tentmaker (Wipf & Stock, 2019) plus website.

Kara Martin, Workship – how to use your work to worship God (Graceworks, 2017) – Australian!

Mark Greene, Fruitfulness on the Frontline – making a difference where you are (Intervarsity Press 2014).

Neal Johnson, Business as mission … guide to theory and practice, (Intervarsity Press 2009). 

Jim Chew, When you cross cultures – vital issues facing Christian missions (NavMedia 2009).

Duane Elmer, Cross‐cultural servanthood ‐ serving the world in Christ‐like humility (Intervarsity Press 2006).

Timothy Keller, Every good endeavor ‐ connecting your work to God’s plan (Hodder‐Stoughton 2012).


Aztem has classic books on tentmaking, including Today’s Tentmakers by J Christy Wilson Jr. and the study manual Working your Way to the Nations (ed. J.Lewis, Intervarsity Press 1996). Ask for details..