We can help you identify resources which best meet your needs. Contact us via our Contact details. We have indicated the strengths of some resources listed below. We strongly commend the books by Glenn Deckert and by Kara Martin listed below (each with accompanying website).


Global Intent US and Canada based, good resources for preparation; they also offer training online. Formerly known as Global Opportunities. People have to find theiry own agency going towards the field. Aztem differs from Global Intent by offering on-field pastoral, prayer and mentoring support.

Why did Paul make tents?  by Ruth Siemens – a classic reason for tentmaking based on Scripture.

Theology of Work Project ‐ extensive and systematic articles on God’s purposes for work, life and witness. A must-visit site with international contributors.

Lausanne Movement Tentmaking or all the Lausanne Issues Networks including Business as Mission. Analysis by international leaders in their respective fields, and including from the global south.

Tentmaking Today  monthly ejournal for the worldwide tentmaking movement.

Tentmakers International – a global movement with 2/3rds world well represented

Working your Way to the Nations, Ed. J Lewis, (Intervarsity Press 2/e 1996) training manual, PDF


Glenn Deckert, Working Abroad with Purpose – the way of a tentmaker (Wipf & Stock, 2019) Strong support for the model of working as an employee which brings wide opportunities across the globe. Chapters cover 12 of the key issues for Christians considering this approach. See also his Working Abroad with Purpose website.

Kara Martin, Workship – how to use your work to worship God (Graceworks, 2017) – Australian author who combines her experience in the workplace with helpful theological insights and addresses some of the major challenges. Workship home-page includes short videos introducing each of the chapter topics. Highly commended, highly practical for Christians anywhere.

Kara Martin, Workship 2 – how to flourish at work ( 2019 ) Practical wisdom for the workplace, including positive ideas for making a difference in the workplace, such as Hospitality at work, Jesus-shaped leadership, Beauty in the workplace. Also highly commended.

Neal Johnson, Business as mission … guide to theory and practice, (Intervarsity Press 2009). A comprehensive analysis.

Jim Chew, When you cross cultures – vital issues facing Christian missions (NavMedia 2009). Still one of the best books on the topic.

Duane Elmer, Cross‐cultural servanthood ‐ serving the world in Christ‐like humility (Intervarsity Press 2006).

Timothy Keller, Every good endeavor ‐ connecting your work to God’s plan (Hodder‐Stoughton 2012).

Mark Greene, Fruitfulness on the Frontline – making a difference where you are (Intervarsity Press 2014).


Aztem has classic books such as Today’s Tentmakers by J Christy Wilson Jr. Ask!