I got a job with a secular company in a closed country. Not knowing what to expect, I joined AZTEM for prayer support and advice on cross‐cultural life and sensitivity in sharing. God created opportunities at work and outside. When least expected, through shared hardship or curiosity, I got to know colleagues, neighbours and others. There were many needs. At times I wondered what I got myself into. Times of prayer, waiting, humbled by people around me, their hard‐work, generosity and hopes. 

I saw many answers to prayers and opportunities beyond what I could have imagined. All of a sudden I had an English Conversation club for young professionals, met and heard amazing stories from local Christians and supported local friends during crisis and decisions. Mostly it was just being there, getting to know people, building relationships. Then unexpectedly an opportunity would come up to talk about deeper things. Then, I knew why the Father placed me there.                                              G, Engineer, Asia.