The last few months have been amazing ‐ full of joys and challenges. Although we had visited here before, this longer stint is quite different. We love the people who are warm and friendly. We are encouraged by the faith and passion of Christians here, who often have so little in material goods, but such joy in their relationship with God. We are challenged by the poverty and struggle we see for many. Survival can be so fragile. Many have little money to buy food, health care, educate their children …. 

We feel pressure to help as we can, it can be overwhelming at times. We need to make wise choices. Guess this is true for all of us, wherever God has placed us. It is just so much more obvious here, so we are learning plenty. We appreciate the support by Aztem in so many ways – prayer, pastoral care and mentoring through the ups and downs.                           L & I, Audiologist and Vet/Project manager, Africa.