When is a person ready to go into a very different culture and situation? We rejoice that a young couple have recently gone to an island nation, offering much-needed project experience in economics and specialized training in audiology.  They are welcome there because they have needed marketable skills!  But they offer much more.

We pray with with them that they bring peace and prosperity to their new home. The Lord said to Jeremiah, Jer 29:7 (NIV): Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you, pray to the Lord for it. As we hear stories from many who are serving overseas,  the genuine concern and love for others is striking – for work friends, neighbours, students or others they are training. Years ago, a nurse educator in the Middle East shared about this verse and how it was central to her presence there as a witness to Jesus. An IT entrepreneur couple in South East Asia shows Jesus’s love to the staff team – and those from a different religion tell, with a smile, how they sense the love, care and prayer, and can share deep problems.

We are glad that another young couple has recently started in S.E. Asia. We’re thankful for the many ways in which the Lord has been preparing both couples. Those who’ve wisely mentored them, the support of their friends and churches. They will learn much in their journey being witnesses to Jesus. We know that they fit this statement: “Any committed Christian with a marketable skill, a teachable spirit and a heart to share their faith, can be used by God to reach others in the global workplace”. (Source unknown, possibly from around 1987.)

a list of qualities to be effective witnesses for Jesus

Let’s pray for others to take up opportunities to reach people who need Jesus. Contact us if you’re able to help.