Tent Stories

Dan and Di will share how they trusted God and his timing during their 21 years in South East Asia and in their return to Australia. Be encouraged by how God uses people’s professional skills and grow them. “World of the Word” is available at Koorong in Australia or The Book Depository.

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clay on potters wheel

Work as co-labourers with God

God works in his acts of creation, and creates us to be co-workers with him, made in his image. We share in the responsibility for care of nature, production of food and nurturing our society. School-work, house-work, art-work, communicating, helping – work is much more than putting food on the table. What God thinks about…

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Working abroad with purpose by Glenn Deckert alongside earlier books

Business as Mission or Tentmaking

Our friends on the field paint a picture of tentmaking in real life whether they tell us of struggles, surviving or thriving. (Would you like our newsletter? )  Despite the pandemic, they offer their skills and their witnesses. Tentmaking covers a wide range of professions, locations and employment/support models. ‘Business as mission’ (BAM) has been given…

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Lawrence’s Leaves

Lawrence’s Leaves April means Autumn in Adelaide. Relocating to Australia from Jakarta after twenty years being on mission for Jesus four degrees below the equator, our first autumn in two decades was a season of falling down and lockdown. It is what we expected! We welcomed replacing the monotony of Indonesia’s hot-wet, hot-dry six-monthly weather…

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We live in interesting times

Well we live in interesting times. A number of our Aztem families have been displaced/ isolated/ locked-down/ relocated recently because of the COVID-19 outbreak – this has caused concern, changes in plans, and distress. Others have experienced ill-health including emergency surgery, are supporting elderly relatives, have been close to a shooting in a shopping centre,…

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Working Abroad with Purpose

Working Abroad with Purpose – the way of a tentmaker Glenn D Deckert  (Wipf & Stock 2019) This new book “makes overseas work and mission possible”. It draws on the experience of the author and his family of tentmaking during 20 years in 6 countries. It covers 12 key dimensions of living and working cross-culturally with…

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