Our Purpose is to encourage and facilitate Australian Christians, with marketable skills, to live and witness for Christ in cross-cultural situations. These tentmakers are believers who have a secular identity and who in response to God’s call, proclaim Christ cross-culturally.

Our Approach Our network has the experience and skills to equip, mentor, pray and pastorally care for those who are preparing to go or are serving as tentmakers. In these areas we are like other mission agencies. However, we do not fund and send workers; those on the field are responsible for their own arrangements; they are mostly employed or run their own business.

State Contacts We have people in most states and territories who can help you better understand tentmaking.

Connections Aztem is part of a global tentmaking movement, including Tentmakers International (part of the World Evangelical Alliance).  We are accredited Members of Missions Interlink Australia and participate in major missions events along with other agencies. We are a registered charity in Australia.

History Aztem was founded in 1987 in Melbourne in response to the growing need to reach restricted access countries without the ‘missionary’ label.

Beliefs Aztem takes the Lausanne Covenant of 1974 as its doctrinal basis, one which is used by many mission agencies.

Our name You have seen what Aztem stands for, i.e. what we do.  But the name? When pressed we say that it stands for ‘Alpha Omega’ (first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, the name which Jesus uses for himself).  In truth the name came first, intentionally obscure, the interpretation came later. 

Helping We most need people who can share and encourage the tentmaking vision, people with experience in member care, and with expertise in communications. Do contact us if interested. Our running costs are met by donations mainly from past tentmakers. All our home team are volunteers.

Prayer and News We believe that the Lord works through prayer.  Our Update newsletter is sent out 4 times a year, with brief news, thanks and prayer requests from each of those on the field. Please let us know if you would like to join in praying this way.