Christians in the Global Workplace

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Did you know that many Christians are using their professions in the global workplace to reach others with the gospel? They are “tentmakers” – Christians who live and work in a cross-cultural situation. They have mission intent and live out Kingdom values.

Aztem’s distinctive is mobilising, training and supporting Aussie tentmakers. We work in partnership with the local church and alongside other mission agencies. We are a network of serving and returned tentmakers and others, and are able to provide the experience, skills and international links appropriate for tentmakers.

Today opportunities abound for cross-cultural service in many countries. You’ll see a few mentioned as you read further.  May you be open to God’s leading for your life.

Ian Grant
General Director, Aztem



It is increasingly difficult for mission workers to enter many countries – even when using their skills. However, people can work in many places if they have skills which are needed in that host country. They usually reach others with the gospel through their marketplace, day-to-day relationships.

In recent years people have gone with a wide range of professions:
architect, doctor, teacher, business entrepreneur, IT professional, lawyer, project manager, economist, graphic designer, engineer, allied health.

Where? Developing nations, nations closed to the gospel, nations which are developed but secular.

Please tell us about your profession and/or where you feel lead to serve.


Identity and intent

The apostle Paul worked in his trade as tentmaker whilst witnessing and teaching as told in Acts 18:3. He commended this approach as it sets a good model for new believers and helps gospel witness to multiply. Today, as in the past, Christians are finding work or creating businesses in other cultures. Their jobs are genuine – they make a contribution to the host society.


Tentmakers meet people in a natural way in work and social contexts. They build a credible identity and friendships which grant them an opportunity to be heard. Their gospel intent is key to their going. They prepare themselves for the challenges of this cross‐cultural ministry.

Journey together

You may discover an overseas job opportunity ‐ will you be ready to live out your faith there? Or, you are sensing that God wants you in global mission and are seeking how this works out.  Whatever your situation, it is wise to pray, plan and prepare so you are equipped for eternal impact.


Don’t go alone! Talk to us and other agencies.