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Goal’s & Purpose

Aztem’s purpose is to encourage and facilitate Australian Christians, with marketable skills, to live and witness for Christ in cross-cultural situations. Our goals are to: – Challenge and equip Christians to work overseas with the vision and commitment to witness and disciple cross-culturally; – Equip members on the field to be sensitive to the receptor’s beliefs and customs and demonstrate Christian values in their life; – Encourage commissioning and prayer by their home church; – Facilitate accountability to their home church, fellowship/church and likeminded fellow-workers on the field and Aztem; – Help build specific prayer support for each member on the field; – Support members on the field with pastoral and practical care; – Assist members with their preparation for the context of the country and situation to which they go; – Co-operate, where appropriate, with other local and overseas organisations involved in similar work; – Assist those members requiring additional financial support, in estabilishing and, if desired, administering a support plan. Our core values are: – That the good news about Jesus Christ has the power to save and to shape our lives; – That God calls people with skills, that are employable overseas, to be involved in sharing the good news about Jesus cross-culturally; and – Our commitment to making disciples through personal contact in daily life and work. BELIEFS, PARTNERSHIPS AND STANDARDS Aztem takes the Lausanne Covenant of 1974 as its doctrinal basis, a benchmark for evangelical mission. It is a member of Missions Interlink, a commission of the Evangelical Alliance of Australia and observes the financial and ministry standards of that association. Aztem is an active member of Tentmakers International which is part of the World Evangelical Alliance. Aztem was founded in 1987....

The Cape Town commitment from the Lausanne third congress...

The Cape Town commitment from the Lausanne third congress – Tentmaking A)    We name this secular-sacred divide as a major obstacle to the mobilization of all God’s people in the mission of God, and we call upon Christians worldwide to reject its unbiblical assumptions and resist its damaging effects. We challenge the tendency to see ministry and mission (local and cross-cultural) as being mainly the work of church-paid ministers and missionaries, who are a tiny percentage of the whole body of Christ. B)    We encourage all believers to accept and affirm their own daily ministry and mission as being wherever God has called them to work. We challenge pastors and church leaders to support people in such ministry – in the community and in the workplace – ‘to equip the saints for works of service [ministry]’ – in every part of their lives. C)    We need intensive efforts to train all God’s people in whole-life discipleship, which means to live, think, work, and speak from a biblical worldview and with missional effectiveness in every place or circumstance of daily life and work. Christians in many skills, trades, businesses and professions, can often go to places where traditional church planters and evangelists may not. What these ‘tentmakers’ and business people do in the workplace must be valued as an aspect of the ministry of local churches. D)    We urge church leaders to understand the strategic impact of ministry in the workplace and to mobilize, equip and send out their church members as missionaries into the workplace, both in their own local communities and in countries that are closed to traditional forms of gospel witness. E)    We urge mission leaders to integrate ‘tentmakers’ fully into the global missional...

TMBriefs – January 2012

In the January 2012 issue of Tentmaking Briefs: * After the evacuations – The Return! * Letter from North Africa – From weeping to joy in the Maghreb * Four Courses in Four Months! * Quick Overview of Events Read this issue