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For advice on particular topics contact Aztem. Also go to Resources for online sources.

Neal Johnson, Business as mission—a comprehensive guide to theory and practice, (Downers Grove: Intervarsity Press 2009). Extensive and in depth, over 500 pages.

Patrick Lai, Tent making – business as mission, (Waynesboro: Authentic Media 2005), the first in-depth study of this mission approach.

Jim Chew, When You Cross Cultures – vital issues facing Christian Missions (Singapore: NavMedia 2009), highly recommended.

Duane Elmer, Cross-cultural servanthood – Serving the world in Christ-like humility, (Downers Grove: Intervarsity Press 2006), focus on cross-cultural communication.

Timothy Keller, Every good endeavor – connecting your work to God’s plan, (Hodder-Stoughton UK 2012), shows how excellence and integrity can impact society.

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