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A place to start

We are excited to share with you how Christians are using their professional skills in the global workplace to reach others with the gospel. They are “tentmakers” – Christians with a work identity, who live and work in a cross- cultural situation. They have mission intent and live out Kingdom values, following the model of the apostle Paul and early missionaries.

Aztem is an agency whose distinctive is to mobilise, train and support Aussie tentmakers around the globe. We work in partnership with the local church and alongside other mission agencies with a tentmaking dimension. As a network of serving and returned tentmakers and others, we are able to provide the experience, skills and international links appropriate for tentmakers.

Today opportunities abound for cross-cultural service. We pray that you may be open to God’s leading for your life.

If you would like a copy of our introductory booklet please contact us or download an electronic copy here:


Ian Grant
General Director, Aztem

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